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      WHO WE ARE About us Zhuhai global digital denture Co., Ltd
      Zhuhai global digital denture Co., Ltd. is a denture enterprise which is subordinate to "ZHU HAI TEE DENTAL PRODUCTS CO.LTD " and focuses on processing foreign orders. two thousand and sixteen
      Since its establishment in, the company has always taken high starting point, high content and high precision as its development direction
      Morality, innovation and self-discipline
      The core cultural concept is to build a high-quality talent team with morality first and technology superior as the main direction of attack. It has established a backbone team with concentrated efforts, committed to high-quality products, making the enterprise more stable and more practical.
      With the help of big data fast lane, we focus on digital production of overseas high-end dentures and customized processing of CAD / CAM aesthetic dentures. In order to keep pace with the development of the times, our real-time industrial transformation, upgrading and technological innovation, the product throughput of our enterprise has been among the forefront of dental denture manufacturing enterprises in Zhuhai.

      Product appreciation Appreciation of Products
      Knowledge College Academy of Knowledge

      Copyright 2019 Zhuhai Global Digital Denture Co., Ltd.  粵ICP備19052153號

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